Friday, December 05, 2014

Bar Graph vs Line Graph

Bar Graph: A bar graph is a chart that uses bars to show comparisons between different categories of data.

Line Graph: A graph that uses points connected by lines to show how something changes in value (as time goes by, or as something else happens). Based on one set data.

Below is a list of different types of graphs.  Cut and paste them into the column you think they belong in.

Bar Graph
Line Graph
Room 10’s favourite colour

What fruit do we have in our lunch box?

How children come to school

Most common number rolled on a dice.

Temperatures in March

The height of a bean plant over 2 months

Depth of a bath

How I felt over yachting week.

Lemonade sales over a week.

How long you can hold your breath for


Eating fractions of pie, pizza and cake
This task is about adding and subtracting fractions.
a) Petra ate two-fifths (2/5 ) of a pizza and Sarah ate one-fifth (1/5 ).  Show how to work out how much pizza they ate altogether.
Answer: 3 2+1=3 so 3
b) Lima and Paul each had the same sized cake.  Lima ate four-fifths (4/5 ) of his cake and Paul ate three-fifths ( ) of his cake.  Show how to work out how much cake they ate altogether.
⅘ + ⅕  = 1 whole + 2 more ⅕ = 1 hole and ⅖
Answer: 1 hole and ⅖
c) Bill ate one-fifth (1/5) of a whole apple pie.  Show how to work out how much pie was left.
So the pie is cut into 5 bit’s and Bill feast’s on 1 of those 5 bit’s so the question is 5 - 1 = 4 so the answer is 4
                                                                                                           Answer: 4
d) Andrew started with one and a half pizzas (1 1/2 ) and ate three-quarters (3/4 ) of a whole pizza.  Show how to work out how much pizza is left.
So there is a whole pizza and Andrew eats ¾ of it so the whole pizza in quarters is 4 so 4 - 3= 1 quarter
Answer:1 quarter

Martatiki workshop (weaving)

On Tuesday the 17th of June we did some activities.  There were three activities to chose from and I chose Rukau,weaving and fitness.  They  were  all different we got to chose out of some others too but I chose these your limit was three.  I am going to talk about weaving which was one of  my ones from my list.

Weaving was the hardest thing that I had to do.  We had to be paired up with a buddy I was paired up with Josh from room 11 ( I am from room 10 and my name is curtis.)My favorite one is Rakau because we got to teach the teachers that were trying to teach us the song when half of us already knew it.

Fitness was the last thing that I did and It was full of games.  (But obviously included with  fitness.)  We played this game that was when we had to grab any type of ball and throw it in the air and our buddy had to catch it.   My buddy was Laim also from room 11.  It was about when the god of the sea threw his eyes out into the sky and we played heaps of other games and  I got muddy.  But after a while we had to go back to class.


Persuasive Writing Movie

Click the link to watch my movie.

Kapha Haka Day Letter

Curtis Mcconaghty
12 symons street
Havelock North

Principal Mark Gifkins
Parkvale School
Howard Street

Dear Mr Gifkins,

I am writing to you to tell you how much I appreciated Kapa Haka. It was an incredible learning experience for the students and for me. I think we need to something like it every year.

I hope you agree with me because everyone LOVED it so they hope you for the best of luck to vote for another kapa haka day.  Maybe some people wasn’t interested but now that they saw the performance they might see how it actually worked and now chooses now that they want to be in it.  Also with the people that liked it they could be better at it next time and they could maybe teach the new people.

So when they teach them they can learn to be better next year.  They can learn the songs and then next year when the new people are still learning they can help them by singing a little louder than they did last time for the little one’s because they are still learning.  

I hope you understand Because that was EPIC with the kapa haka going this year.  

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Equal Additions


Write a word problem to show when this would be a good strategy to use.

+3  +3 441 - 300=141

 This is a good equation for if you are taking away something that is close to 10 or 100 or ssomethingthat start’s with


Explain why this would be a good strategy to use and give an example.

596 - 374= 374 + 596= 970

This is a good strategy because 4 + 6 = 10 instead of taking it away because adding ten’s is better than taking away a number don’t you think???

The Blood Story

                            The blood story

The summer breeze brushed past my face as I sprinted down the lane with jack close behind. I wanted to get that score so badly… I dive over the try line the reef blows his whistle TRY he screams in my ear.  I yell YES I am so excited I don’t really care the reef says half time.  I give my brother the sign that mean’s ha ha I am winning and you and Jack aren't.  Then he says it’s just a game.

 After the half time is over we are back on the field ready for kick off.  Just as I was about to kick reef warned us don’t dive onto a camp peg OK???  We answer OK.  Anyway why was the camp pegs there I asked him????  Remember we camped there duh he say’s oh now I remember I say.  I kick, Toby catch’s I drop him yes he lays the ball back I grab it and pick it up.

I sprint right through the middle Jack misses the tackle I start to jog rat’s I say I have got the stitch Jack is catching me I am nearly at the try line now.  I dive for it Jack gives me a little push My knee land’s on the camp peg.    OW I yell OW!!!  I could see a gooey black started to scream I put my hand’s over my eye’s and cried my mum and dad come rushing over to help they pick me up and start to drag me over to have a look.  They all have a little stay before they are good then we say our byes and start to drive home.   

By Curtis,

Friday, October 17, 2014

What's the big idea

What’s the big idea?
WALT summarise
Text: Bush Walk   Author: Feana Tu’akoi

Read the text and record key words/phrases that answer these questions:

Who? Mele Rosie Jase Ty and Mr B

What? Mr hit his head and went in a helicopter back home

Where? Rimunui forest.

When? 12:00

Why? He tripped up on a twig

How? Mr B hit his head

Summarise the text in 25 words
(Include key words from the text as well as your words)

Mr B

The Best part of me

                           My teeth


My teeth are strong and healthy.  Although they might be yellow they are still beautiful.  And by the way children have round about 20 baby teeth when they first start, and adults have about 32 teeth.  And did did you know that milk, helps keep your teeth healthy and clean because of the calcium.

Teeth obviously make you eat and drink and that.  If you didn't have teeth you wouldn't have normal food like apple’s and banana's and that sort, of stuff.  But if you had baby teeth then you would have to eat mashed up food because, you actually have to wait a while before your baby teeth come in same with your adult teeth.  

Obviously all mums love your teeth and still do even if they aren't clean.  Because it always sparkles ( only sometimes) when you smile.  And sometimes they tell you to clean your teeth or flatten out your hair because it’s messy sometimes or something like that.

I like teeth because you won’t suffer from not eating food (apart from eating the mushed up stuff) and that you can eat that is the main thing.  Well I hope you read a GREAT story here.
by Curtis,

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Enormous wave

                                                                  The Magnificent Wave!!!                                                                         

Screenshot 2014-09-10 at 9.34.38 AM.png

On a hot sunny day I was crashing against the waves!!  Balancing on the colourful wooden board,terrified to fall off,I face plant into the dangerous waves!!!  “SNAP” I say to myself “if it wasn't for that wave” he blurted “I wouldn't have fallen on my face”!!!  He started to paddle out to see when he saw the ice cream truck melt!!!  Free ice cream he shouted to himself and fresh.  He started to lick his lips as he rides a wave into the rough sand ouch he say’s OUCH!!!  The ice cream man mr whoop whoop started to cry.  I asked him what happened then he said my ice cream truck melted can’t you see!!! Then I said too bad but look just dig in everyone else is.  He howled I will be there soon.  OK I yell as I start to lick the ice cream when I see the Gigantic Ice cream that was supposed to be on the top...  I licked the ice cream so hard that I mainly got a WHITE TONGUE!!!!!  After about 10 minute's I start to get a little round I start to try and surf but I break it "Oh come on I say to myself COME ON!!!!!"  Then he saw a tsunami coming towards him crushing everything in it’s path.  Oh no I shout that tsunami is coming our way.  I start to drown I ask myself will I ever see my family again???

By Curtis,

Optimist yachting and kyaking

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

How to make the sentence's make sense.

We have learned to write sentences properly

Picture writing for 500 word's

“Roar,” I growled as I was zooming to catch my prey.  “Hogs!” I scream as I speed after them come back here.  I am gaining on them.  Then, in the middle of nowhere, I crash into their dad. I quickly limp  to where I belong but when I was limping I called over my shoulder,  “I will be back!”

After that, I disappeared into the bushes.  I said that to myself over and over again and again, then I came up with a idea.  I will set a trap!  Later that night I walked to grab the stuff that I needed.  I wrote down on a tree the thing’s I would need. I needed 100!!!.  In the morning when it was 2:00, I snuck out to where he started to run. I dug the trap there and started to throw the leaves then I walked away.  Later, in the morning I spotted the exact same hogs’ and started to chase after them.  My heart was pounding will I catch the hogs’ or will I not…  I will.  I repeated that to my self over and over, again and again.  I saw that I was catching up and FAST!!!  Then, I heard a Plop! I saw the hog’s dad in the trap YES I shouted.

I looked on my side. I caught up with them!!! I pounced on them.  “Ouch!” they shriek but one finds a gap and slipped away.  I started to roast them on the fire later that night and the first bite, I loved it and it was worth it. I am telling the truth!   I woke up I saw that it was just a dream.  But… that I annihilated my parent's!!! No wonder that was so tasty!!!   I felt ashamed of myself and left home.  I started to pack pack my bag then I walked off into the distance.  I was wondering where to go when I heard a rustle in the bush.  I then see a zebra in the distance.  “I am feeling a little hungry again,” I said to myself.
I might just take a bite I said and I ripped some flesh of it.  “Lovely,” I said it’s still fresh.  My teeth sunk deep deep into it’s heart into my tummy I said, “DELICIOUS!!!”  After that feast, I walked into the bush a bit more.  I heard a rustle in the bushes again I thought it was another zebra.  I said to myself, “I might have that for breakfast.”  So, I walked into the bush and found a lion!!!.  Then I looked at them again, there was 2!!!
They looked at me.  “I know them,” I said and they know me.  We stared at each other then I said are you my parent's???
They said “yes” angrily.  “Then I asked them why are you angry”???  Then they said “your grandpa passed away we just didn't want you to know because we said yes to go to it and those were just dummy’s”.  “So I said why don’t we go.” And we went.

By Curtis,

Friday, August 15, 2014

Fictitious Character


WALT describe a character
I must remember to:  SHOW NOT TELL!
Introduction - who and where
First Paragraph - what he looks like
Second Paragraph - his characteristics
Third Paragraph - his actions
Conclusion - action and observation

Begin your writing here:

He creeps across his secret pitch black cave hoping no one would spot him.  He has all the gadgets he need’s in his belt of his own. He only works  with black and very dark grey.  Wearing his awesome costume that is awfully smelly he quickly customizes into his bat costume before anyone see’s him change.  

He marched around Gotham city searching for danger. “ Look at that prisoner escape I should go help them catch him” he said.  He swoops down and  kicks his butt.  He quickly drags him back to the prison where he belongs.

His arch enemy is Joker, Joker always escapes some how.  Whenever he  tries to finish him off he escapes.  So he  just calls him a coward.  Then he zoomed to his secret cave before the news people want to ask stupid questions.

His sidekick is Robin he tells him when he need’s to kick someone’s butt.  Robin goes with him when he need’s help.  Guess what he also has this awesome light which shines in the sky so he knows there is danger.  Whenever he spots it, he creeps around Gotham city trying to find danger.  When he finds some baddie he talks in a really deep voice so he is more scary.

This was who I was talking about  By Curtis,

Monday, August 04, 2014

The boat man called dad.

Wow, look at him go he is an excellent rugby player.  In the end he won and he is always very kind to the children especially me.  We slowly walked into his work van and drove back home chomping a pie on the way.  When we got home we creep inside hoping we could give them a surprise.

Boo!!!  We pronounce as we scramble inside.  They Bounce around the house like a kangaroo.  Then Toby smacks his head and starts roaring out Ouch.  We quickly burrow into our mini room’s.  After a while dad and mum have a gigantic fight and when they have a fight like that take my advice and go outside for a little bit but secretly.  

So that was what I did I slowly crept out into the pitch black sky.  I waited for a couple of minutes then marched back inside to see if he was ok.  But when I walked in I couldn’t spot him.  I finally found him jamming on his xbox in his room.

He was playing rugby world cup 2013 he loves rugby but one thing disturbs me and my dad.  He plays for hastings like my little sister Ella and me and my brother play for havelock. So whenever we vs Hastings he cheers for them instead of us.

By Curtis,

Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Aurora

WALT build our knowledge
Strategies and skills practised:  activating prior knowledge, synthesising
Materials: Our brains, our own thoughts and our journals
Student Groupings:  Reading groups
1. Before you read the text, write down what you already know about the topic
2. During and after the reading, write the new information you have discovered
3. After this, combine your prior knowledge  and the new information you have learnt
4. Share your finding with your group

Synthesis Title-

Prior Knowledge - what I already know
New Information - what I read in the text
Synthesis - my new understanding is
  • Light is in north,
  • You can only see in Winter
  • caused by part of atmosphere and solar flare

  • The magnetic field and the magnetic shield pull the solar wind in with some light that creates the northern lights or the southern lights.  
  • Another name for the northern and Southern lights is the Aurora.

  • The best time to see an Aurora is at 1 a.m. (During daylight saving or midnight.) (For the rest of the year.)
  • The best spot to see it is in the South Island
  • the southern lights are called aurora Australis
In the south island you would be able to see the aurora great but only in winter.  
At 1am in the northern hemisphere during daylight savings or midnight you might be able to see the northern lights.