Monday, March 31, 2014

Freshwater eels

EelsEels are real slippery and mainly live in dirty water.

Eels have poor eyesight and often bite the fingers of divers that give them food.These eels can weigh 95gm to 215gm and their length ranges from 5-13 feet.Eels live in shallow waters and also sometimes hide at the bottom of the ocean in holes that are called eels pits.

Eels can swim backwards and forwards.They are vicious eaters and are carnivores and eat lobsters,fish,crabs,octopuses,mussels,snails and frogs.Life span of an eel is somewhere around 85 years.Baby eels are called elvers.Eels are fish not reptiles and ophidien they can also travel on land for short distances.

They feed at night and rest at day.There are many different kinds of freshwater eels in many parts of the world.An eel can live out of water for about 48 is a pretty good rule of thumb.Eels lay eggs,the female eel will lay her eggs in a made of saliva from the male eel.She will lay about 1,200 eggs at a time and the male will sit near the nest and keep her safe from predertors.

As I said eels weigh up to 215gm.
By Curtis

Monday, March 10, 2014

Sir Edmund Hillary

Sir Edmund Hillary was a famous explorer. He was most famous for climbing Mount Everest first.

He died at the age of 88 and he died on January 11, 2008 in Auckland city hospital, New Zealand.He also had some children called Peter Hillary,Sahara Hillary and Belinda Hillary.

Sir Edmund Hillary was a famous climber he also climbed mount herschel and mukut parbat,  but was most famous for climbing mount Everest.  He got two awards one was  the Padma Vibhushan it is the second highest medal in India and he also got the Patrons medal for Antarctic and Himalayan exploration.

Sir Edmund Hillary’s favorite colour is blue and he had brown eyes.Sir Edmund Hillary favorite hobby was mountain climbing and his favourite food was fish and chips.He is also on a $5 note.

This report wrapped up how famous Sir Edmund Hillary is for climbing Mount Everest first.