Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The letter

Parkvale School,
Howard St,
Parkvale ,


Dear Chel,

Thank you for taking me to the wonderful camp.  You were the best parent ever at the camp.  The camp was so much fun just cause you were there cause if you weren't there it wouldn't be that fun.  

My favourite part of camp was fishing.  I got heaps of fish heaps of other people caught big fish too.We also had burly to attract the fish so we had a little head start.(don’t you think???)

I want to thank you for staying in your bivouac next to people otherwise they would feel lonely,scared and probably have nightmares.  I would also like to thank you for helping my team make a fabulous tea for us.  I would also like to thank you for putting the bait wonderfully on the hook’s so we caught heaps of fish.

Kind regards,
Curtis Mcconaghty.

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

The Amazing Race Room 10!!!

The Amazing Race Room 10!!!!!

Last Friday we went on camp and the amazing race was fantastic.  It also was in team’s and my team is Naz,Nikita n,Nikitah j and Me.  (which is me Curtis).  We went on other trips like rock climbing, fishing at the wharf,  paddling on the waka and way more stuff, but the hardest job was putting the bivouac up and also doing the amazing race. I was nervous about doing it.

On the amazing race we had to do heap’s of stuff number
1.  You need to get your group to make a human pyramid and show your team parent.
2.  We needed to eat some cups filled with rice bubbles until you get two smiley faces at the bottom of the cups that you ate.
3.  You need to grab a kayak, a paddle and a life jacket and paddle down a lake and down to the finish line.
4.   You need to grab a barbie and make a raft for your barbie and make it pass a certain point that all the other people had to do too.
5.  Then you need to get back on the kayak and kayak all the way back to where you started.
6. Then you see who wins and then celebrate (if you want -your choice)

After that you go and get dressed in different clothes cause you’ll be all muddy and wet and pack your bag’s.(only if your going home) and then enjoy the rest of your day!!! We went rock climbing to enjoy the rest of ours.

As I said it’s REALLY HARD so only the best can complete it cause it’s