Monday, May 19, 2014

Hokey skills

Hockey is a  sport that can be played only in winter.  You also need a hard ball and a candy cane shaped stick.   It can be played on grass, turf and ice.  You also need a mouthguard to play just incase you get hurt or accidentally get whacked with a hockey stick.  There are 11 players on at a time. There are 4 positions in a hockey game, there are forwards, goalies,fullbacks and midfielders.  Do you know if hockey get’s sponsored well if you want to know flip through to the conclusion and there will be the answer.

Blocking and striking are the two main things in hockey.  Blocking is when you stop the ball with the stick and keep it still.  Striking is when you hit the ball below the hips.  Because if you put it up over your hips you will accidentally hit someone in the face,or you will hit it too hard and the ball will hit someone very hard and they would easily get hurt.

You need to strike and block with the flat side. You also need to give a little so when you get older you will hit it harder,if you don’t give a little your hockey stick will break and you will have to pay for a new one.  If you want to play properly you need to hold it at the top of the black bit and with your other hand you hold the end of the black bit both other ways like this
You need to look at the ball otherwise you will hit something else and you won’t hit the ball so that would be a total fail.  If you don’t look at the ball someone could easily take it of you so that is one of the main things to remember to do.

As I said you need a mouthguard just incase.

Thursday, May 08, 2014

Man Vs Wild


I am man vs wild here and I am going on a risky adventure..  (2 Hours later).   HI I am man vs wild here and I am going to take you on a dangerous journey with only a water bottle and a knife and kids don’t try this at home.  Here I am in the wildest jungle in the whole wide world.  I am going to go to the jungle and I am going to show you how not to get lost what you have to do to survive.


So here I am going to jump out of a plane with a parachute Wooooooooooow man this is FREAKY!!! I can’t believe that we landed in a tree. Holey this is a gigantic tree how are we going to get down from here. I got a plan how about we use our knife to get down and we will just cut the parachute and hopefully I’ll land softly. I cut the rope and felt wind rush against my face and felt my browsed leg hit the ground with a thump.Lets go and find a good shelter OK let’s go.

So this is a pretty good shelter that I made and I am going to sleep in it tonight.  So I am all done I am going to go eat something before night let’s go find a spider just for a snack. Here is a poisonous spider but I am going to eat it by chopping of it’s head then going to eat the body.  Here it goes (CRUNCH GULP) at least it is worth surviving for a night.  Let’s go back to the shelter and sleep.  (Next day.)  Come on get up we need to build a raft to sail back home.  (Next 2 hours) Let’s go catch a snake for the long journey back home.  It was a little bit hard to steer the raft but luckily we got home.  So look’s like it is the end so bye. See you on the wildest snowfall.