Monday, June 30, 2014

Have you ever imagined how Earthquakes are made?

How I think Earthquakes are made

Hello well firstly if earthquakes are made they can sometime end up like this.

But I am going to make a story up of how to make earthquakes.  (it is just made up so if you try it it won’t actually make earthquakes.)  So one day I was walking with my friends when we accidentally went into our neighbours place on accident and before I even steeped in we got told to step off their deck.  I was about to call that person mum but I only just looked at her in time because when I looked at her she was a Great Grama.

It didn't take us long to get back but when we got inside we stomped up to my room and guess what it made an earthquake.  My mum and dad told me off BIG time.  Because it broke a glass and nearly got in my dads eye and if that happened he would have to go to hospital.  So I was grounded after my friends went home.  After a little while my friends walked home it was tea time.  By Curtis.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Reflactions about this year

Hi, I am Curtis and I am going to talk about what I have improved on from last year to this year.  I think I have done a huge step from last year to this year.  The biggest step I have done this year is definitely writing.  Not that sort of writing that you guys are thinking because I am in a digital class.  So we usually have to button press the keyboard.  But sometimes we write in a book that we call our writing planning book.

We practice writing things in it e.g. a letter or a thing to put on our blog.  I was not that good at drawing from last year (well I was GREAT at tracing.) but when I dreamt I was in Guinness world records because I was the best drawer but when I woke up and went to school and my teacher asked us to draw something we drew it.

But when I was done I showed it to people and say wow but it is just a fake one.  But this year we had to draw the other half of the spider and also we had to colour in the other side darkly with a sketching pencil.  So it looked like we drew the whole thing instead of just drawing ½ of it.
By Curtis.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Martatiki workshop (weaving)

On Tuesday the 17th of June we did some activities.  There were three activities to chose from and I chose Rukau,weaving and fitness.  They  were  all different we got to chose out of some others too but I chose these your limit was three.  I am going to talk about weaving which was one of  my ones from my list.

Weaving was the hardest thing that I had to do.  We had to be paired up with a buddy I was paired up with Josh from room 11 ( I am from room 10 and my name is Curtis.)My favourite one is Rakau because we got to teach the teachers that were trying to teach us the song when half of us already knew it.

Fitness was the last thing that I did and It was full of games.  (But obviously included with  fitness.)  We played this game that was when we had to grab any type of ball and throw it in the air and our buddy had to catch it.   My buddy was Laim also from room 11.  It was about when the god of the sea threw his eyes out into the sky and we played heaps of other games and  I got muddy.  But after a while we had to go back to class.

by Curtis.

Friday, June 13, 2014

The Haunted House


This book explains about a haunted house that Becs and Isaiah discover.  It can get a little bit scary folks but if you like mysteries,secrets and action you probably would like it well that is what I think.  There is 2 graves in front of the house.  I was trying to get you guys (the audience) to understand the book and at least give it a try and read it please.

This book is about a haunted house.  That you can see, it was supposed  to make you read it.  I chose the title because my whole class were doing it and nearly everyone was doing a haunted house.  And I was doing the last Herrick secret but I did not know what to draw, so I started drawing a haunted house.

The book is for somewhere around 7+ and I hope you  like the book.  

By Curtis.