Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Aurora

WALT build our knowledge
Strategies and skills practised:  activating prior knowledge, synthesising
Materials: Our brains, our own thoughts and our journals
Student Groupings:  Reading groups
1. Before you read the text, write down what you already know about the topic
2. During and after the reading, write the new information you have discovered
3. After this, combine your prior knowledge  and the new information you have learnt
4. Share your finding with your group

Synthesis Title-

Prior Knowledge - what I already know
New Information - what I read in the text
Synthesis - my new understanding is
  • Light is in north,
  • You can only see in Winter
  • caused by part of atmosphere and solar flare

  • The magnetic field and the magnetic shield pull the solar wind in with some light that creates the northern lights or the southern lights.  
  • Another name for the northern and Southern lights is the Aurora.

  • The best time to see an Aurora is at 1 a.m. (During daylight saving or midnight.) (For the rest of the year.)
  • The best spot to see it is in the South Island
  • the southern lights are called aurora Australis
In the south island you would be able to see the aurora great but only in winter.  
At 1am in the northern hemisphere during daylight savings or midnight you might be able to see the northern lights.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

My Holidays template

Have you ever been to Inflatable World?  It is amazing when you first jump on the inflatable ring, mini Titanic  or a long slippery slide.  You never want to get off trust me it is a dream come true.  

When I walked in I never wanted to get off.  But luckily I was at a party and we stayed there for 2 hours so that was long enough.  If your kid is bored it is the place to be.  Trust me once I even saw an adult go on the arena so you adult’s out there shouldn't be shy!!!After a while I went upstairs to grab a handful of chips and refreshing drink of water.

When I went back down I walked to the arena because that was where all the party people were.  When I walked in I grabbed a pole (obviously inflatable) and smacked someone down on the cold icy ground.  Then I shook hands with Connor who invited me after a couple of minutes we walked up the stairs to sing happy birthday song.  

When that was over we had another 15 minutes so we used it up in the end and then got dropped off.  When I got home I told my parents all about it.  So if you get a chance to go to Inflatable World take the chance.  By Curtis.

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Diary 1

Dear diary,                                                                                                                                                                            The secret mission today is: The Tryathlon,                                                                                                                              Finally the day has come, I am bursting with excitement. I am trying to answer my questions, am I going to come 1st, 2nd, 3rd or last. I need to know now or I was going to go crazy!!! I looked at the people that are ahead of me.And go.SPLASH!!! they dived in I saw them freestyle to the other end I thought about how good I was going to be I was only 1 group behind them.SPLASH!!!

Come on said the lady.It was my turn I was as nervous as I could be.And GO said the lady.We dived in the water we swam as fast as we could to the other end then back down I thought that I was going to have a nervous break down.

We jumped out of the pool we ran down to our bikes and helmets.We put them on then we biked down a couple of streets then back down for a another lap.I saw the people in front running down the 1.5 k run and some ending at the finish line to get there prize and photo taken.I started to bike faster and faster I thought about beating everyone in my group but right at that second I saw a person in my group that was nearly  finished. So if I wanted to win it had to be a miricale but I knew I couldn't win,so I just keeped trying anyway.I looked at the people in front of me there was heaps so I would probably come in the top 20 or 30 at least.

I jumped off my bike and headed for the 1.5 k run I passed the pool and saw the seniors and wondered if they overtook me.After a while I noticed that I was daydreaming and was nearly at the finish line. I only had to do a turn which was up ahead but at that exact moment I wondered if I could pass the finish line...Cause I couldn't really breathe at least the finish line was just up ahead.I saw someone up ahead I remember him I just couldn't see him properly because he was next to the sun.When I got closer it was just Ben.He was cheering on for me I ran at the finish line like a bull.I passed the finish line with a little bit of energy left.

How to annoy my mother

This is how to annoy your mother.  But if your mother is already angry you might want to do it another day.  Do you know how to annoy your mother the fastest skip to the conclusion and there will be the answer.

Firstly,  Find out what sort of insect or something e.g.. cockroach.  Then you put it where she is and then you go hide.  (But we’re you can see because it will be funny).

Secondly,  If you are going out tonight to a restaurant be on your best/baddest behaviour.  And by the way you should whine to give you a  bonus.  Oh and add a little fight, with your sister or brother.

Thirdly,  When you get home you could throw a tan-tie and mess up your room.

Fourthly,  Whenever you want to get her attention tap on her shoulder and say MUM REALLY LOUD!!!!

Fifthly,  At the dinner table eat with your mouth open and tap on the table with your fork/knife/spoon and keep doing it till you want to stop.

Finally,  The easiest way to annoy your mother is to fight with your brother or sister.

Solar System

                     solar system

I got most of these facts from this website
We have 9 planets and this is how some people remember them: My very excellent mother just sent us nine pizzas. . (Mercury,Venus,Earth,Mars,Jupiter,Saturn,Uranus,Neptune and Pluto.)   They still also believen other ones too

Pluto is the smallest planet and is also called a dwarf planet some people don’t believen it but some still do.  Pluto was first seen by a telescope, in 1930 like Uranus and Neptune.  It was discovered by Clyde Tombaugh he wasn't even in college too he was born in 1906.  The biggest planet is… JUPITER!!!  Because Jupiter’s mass is 1.8981 x 10 that is over 317 mass more than Earth.  The moon was made 4.5 billion years ago.  Uranus is 4 times bigger than earth and earth is already 6,371km.

Mercury turn’s very slow unlike earth turns pretty fast.  The sun is a medium sized star because all the other stars are bigger than the sun but the sun is closer than the other stars.  The sun is made out of two gasses and they are hydergine and helium.  Another word for the sun is solar that is why it is called solar system.  The sun is in the middle of the solar system 9 planets including Earth travels around it.  Even tho the sun is hot the core of it is even hotter.

By Curtis.

How to make my dad's raw fish.

This is how you make my dad’s raw fish raw fish:

Ingredients: 2 medium sized fish fillets,
1 juicy lemon or lime,
1 teaspoon salt,
½ a telegraph cucumber,
3 large tomatoes,
1 can of coconut cream use a Pacific Islands brands,
¼ cup of water (optional)

Step 1:  Cut the fish into pieces.

Step 2:  Squeeze the half lemon over the fish and sprinkle the fish with salt.  Leave it to stand for about ten minutes while you cut the cucumber and the tomatoes into cubes.  The fish will turn white.
Step 3: use a spoon to mix it up.  Add the coconut cream and squeeze the the other half of the lemon into the mixture.  Stir gently add a little water if the mixture tastes too rich.

Step 4: Leave to stand in the fridge for an hour or 2.