Friday, August 15, 2014

Fictitious Character


WALT describe a character
I must remember to:  SHOW NOT TELL!
Introduction - who and where
First Paragraph - what he looks like
Second Paragraph - his characteristics
Third Paragraph - his actions
Conclusion - action and observation

Begin your writing here:

He creeps across his secret pitch black cave hoping no one would spot him.  He has all the gadgets he need’s in his belt of his own. He only works  with black and very dark grey.  Wearing his awesome costume that is awfully smelly he quickly customizes into his bat costume before anyone see’s him change.  

He marched around Gotham city searching for danger. “ Look at that prisoner escape I should go help them catch him” he said.  He swoops down and  kicks his butt.  He quickly drags him back to the prison where he belongs.

His arch enemy is Joker, Joker always escapes some how.  Whenever he  tries to finish him off he escapes.  So he  just calls him a coward.  Then he zoomed to his secret cave before the news people want to ask stupid questions.

His sidekick is Robin he tells him when he need’s to kick someone’s butt.  Robin goes with him when he need’s help.  Guess what he also has this awesome light which shines in the sky so he knows there is danger.  Whenever he spots it, he creeps around Gotham city trying to find danger.  When he finds some baddie he talks in a really deep voice so he is more scary.

This was who I was talking about  By Curtis,

Monday, August 04, 2014

The boat man called dad.

Wow, look at him go he is an excellent rugby player.  In the end he won and he is always very kind to the children especially me.  We slowly walked into his work van and drove back home chomping a pie on the way.  When we got home we creep inside hoping we could give them a surprise.

Boo!!!  We pronounce as we scramble inside.  They Bounce around the house like a kangaroo.  Then Toby smacks his head and starts roaring out Ouch.  We quickly burrow into our mini room’s.  After a while dad and mum have a gigantic fight and when they have a fight like that take my advice and go outside for a little bit but secretly.  

So that was what I did I slowly crept out into the pitch black sky.  I waited for a couple of minutes then marched back inside to see if he was ok.  But when I walked in I couldn’t spot him.  I finally found him jamming on his xbox in his room.

He was playing rugby world cup 2013 he loves rugby but one thing disturbs me and my dad.  He plays for hastings like my little sister Ella and me and my brother play for havelock. So whenever we vs Hastings he cheers for them instead of us.

By Curtis,