Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Enormous wave

                                                                  The Magnificent Wave!!!                                                                         

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On a hot sunny day I was crashing against the waves!!  Balancing on the colourful wooden board,terrified to fall off,I face plant into the dangerous waves!!!  “SNAP” I say to myself “if it wasn't for that wave” he blurted “I wouldn't have fallen on my face”!!!  He started to paddle out to see when he saw the ice cream truck melt!!!  Free ice cream he shouted to himself and fresh.  He started to lick his lips as he rides a wave into the rough sand ouch he say’s OUCH!!!  The ice cream man mr whoop whoop started to cry.  I asked him what happened then he said my ice cream truck melted can’t you see!!! Then I said too bad but look just dig in everyone else is.  He howled I will be there soon.  OK I yell as I start to lick the ice cream when I see the Gigantic Ice cream that was supposed to be on the top...  I licked the ice cream so hard that I mainly got a WHITE TONGUE!!!!!  After about 10 minute's I start to get a little round I start to try and surf but I break it "Oh come on I say to myself COME ON!!!!!"  Then he saw a tsunami coming towards him crushing everything in it’s path.  Oh no I shout that tsunami is coming our way.  I start to drown I ask myself will I ever see my family again???

By Curtis,

Optimist yachting and kyaking

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

How to make the sentence's make sense.

We have learned to write sentences properly

Picture writing for 500 word's

“Roar,” I growled as I was zooming to catch my prey.  “Hogs!” I scream as I speed after them come back here.  I am gaining on them.  Then, in the middle of nowhere, I crash into their dad. I quickly limp  to where I belong but when I was limping I called over my shoulder,  “I will be back!”

After that, I disappeared into the bushes.  I said that to myself over and over again and again, then I came up with a idea.  I will set a trap!  Later that night I walked to grab the stuff that I needed.  I wrote down on a tree the thing’s I would need. I needed 100!!!.  In the morning when it was 2:00, I snuck out to where he started to run. I dug the trap there and started to throw the leaves then I walked away.  Later, in the morning I spotted the exact same hogs’ and started to chase after them.  My heart was pounding will I catch the hogs’ or will I not…  I will.  I repeated that to my self over and over, again and again.  I saw that I was catching up and FAST!!!  Then, I heard a Plop! I saw the hog’s dad in the trap YES I shouted.

I looked on my side. I caught up with them!!! I pounced on them.  “Ouch!” they shriek but one finds a gap and slipped away.  I started to roast them on the fire later that night and the first bite, I loved it and it was worth it. I am telling the truth!   I woke up I saw that it was just a dream.  But… that I annihilated my parent's!!! No wonder that was so tasty!!!   I felt ashamed of myself and left home.  I started to pack pack my bag then I walked off into the distance.  I was wondering where to go when I heard a rustle in the bush.  I then see a zebra in the distance.  “I am feeling a little hungry again,” I said to myself.
I might just take a bite I said and I ripped some flesh of it.  “Lovely,” I said it’s still fresh.  My teeth sunk deep deep into it’s heart into my tummy I said, “DELICIOUS!!!”  After that feast, I walked into the bush a bit more.  I heard a rustle in the bushes again I thought it was another zebra.  I said to myself, “I might have that for breakfast.”  So, I walked into the bush and found a lion!!!.  Then I looked at them again, there was 2!!!
They looked at me.  “I know them,” I said and they know me.  We stared at each other then I said are you my parent's???
They said “yes” angrily.  “Then I asked them why are you angry”???  Then they said “your grandpa passed away we just didn't want you to know because we said yes to go to it and those were just dummy’s”.  “So I said why don’t we go.” And we went.

By Curtis,