Thursday, October 23, 2014

Equal Additions


Write a word problem to show when this would be a good strategy to use.

+3  +3 441 - 300=141

 This is a good equation for if you are taking away something that is close to 10 or 100 or ssomethingthat start’s with


Explain why this would be a good strategy to use and give an example.

596 - 374= 374 + 596= 970

This is a good strategy because 4 + 6 = 10 instead of taking it away because adding ten’s is better than taking away a number don’t you think???

The Blood Story

                            The blood story

The summer breeze brushed past my face as I sprinted down the lane with jack close behind. I wanted to get that score so badly… I dive over the try line the reef blows his whistle TRY he screams in my ear.  I yell YES I am so excited I don’t really care the reef says half time.  I give my brother the sign that mean’s ha ha I am winning and you and Jack aren't.  Then he says it’s just a game.

 After the half time is over we are back on the field ready for kick off.  Just as I was about to kick reef warned us don’t dive onto a camp peg OK???  We answer OK.  Anyway why was the camp pegs there I asked him????  Remember we camped there duh he say’s oh now I remember I say.  I kick, Toby catch’s I drop him yes he lays the ball back I grab it and pick it up.

I sprint right through the middle Jack misses the tackle I start to jog rat’s I say I have got the stitch Jack is catching me I am nearly at the try line now.  I dive for it Jack gives me a little push My knee land’s on the camp peg.    OW I yell OW!!!  I could see a gooey black started to scream I put my hand’s over my eye’s and cried my mum and dad come rushing over to help they pick me up and start to drag me over to have a look.  They all have a little stay before they are good then we say our byes and start to drive home.   

By Curtis,

Friday, October 17, 2014

What's the big idea

What’s the big idea?
WALT summarise
Text: Bush Walk   Author: Feana Tu’akoi

Read the text and record key words/phrases that answer these questions:

Who? Mele Rosie Jase Ty and Mr B

What? Mr hit his head and went in a helicopter back home

Where? Rimunui forest.

When? 12:00

Why? He tripped up on a twig

How? Mr B hit his head

Summarise the text in 25 words
(Include key words from the text as well as your words)

Mr B

The Best part of me

                           My teeth


My teeth are strong and healthy.  Although they might be yellow they are still beautiful.  And by the way children have round about 20 baby teeth when they first start, and adults have about 32 teeth.  And did did you know that milk, helps keep your teeth healthy and clean because of the calcium.

Teeth obviously make you eat and drink and that.  If you didn't have teeth you wouldn't have normal food like apple’s and banana's and that sort, of stuff.  But if you had baby teeth then you would have to eat mashed up food because, you actually have to wait a while before your baby teeth come in same with your adult teeth.  

Obviously all mums love your teeth and still do even if they aren't clean.  Because it always sparkles ( only sometimes) when you smile.  And sometimes they tell you to clean your teeth or flatten out your hair because it’s messy sometimes or something like that.

I like teeth because you won’t suffer from not eating food (apart from eating the mushed up stuff) and that you can eat that is the main thing.  Well I hope you read a GREAT story here.
by Curtis,