Friday, June 26, 2015

My Profile

My Profile

Name: My Name’s Jeff                           Age: 21


Personality: I am funny and a bit silly and I am a person.

Address: Jeff2121@jeffronill st 4921

Family: in my family there is 5 people mum (Jeffna) my dad (Jefferson) my sister (Jeffro) and my brother (Jeffbro)

Hobie: Fishing and rugby.

Good habit: I always catch fish for tea when I go fishing

Bad Habit: whenever I catch a fish I always call them Jeff because that is my name.

My Story

Well once upon a time I was called bob.  I was going fishing until I caught a fish. I pulled and pulled and pulled until suddenly I caught the fish.  I thought about what to call him…. I called him Jeff.  Then I thought Jeff was a pretty cool name.  So next time I caught a fish I called it Jeff.  And the next and the next and the …. next!  after that I walked home.  Then I said to my neighbour hello Jeff then he said hello bob.  I smiled at him and he smiled at me.  The next thing I noticed I was named Jeff.

The End

My Name’s Jeff

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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

A Moment In Time

April 25th 1915

Dear Journal

We (1200 SHIPS!!!)sailed into the harbour of Gallipoli peninsula. Our captain is mr Bean We have been training for this for 8 months now.  The Anzacs are so excited, they bet that the Turks would not know what hit them.

The plan was to capture Gallipoli peninsula and then go on to capture the capital of turkey!  200 ships assembled to attack the Turks.  The anzacs had to climb down rope ladders to get down into defence.

The anzacs confident as eating a pie.  Some of the anzacs thought the turks weren’t ready for us, but the rest shouted out wishes.  Charge they yelled.  They started hearing gun’s firing in the distance.

 All the anzacs started jumping into the freezing cold water.  There backpacks were weighing them down.  All the helpless men lying on the ground beside each other.  I could hear the men screaming lying on the rough ground beside me.  I saw them fall like hailstones I waited for it to be my turn… BOOM.  There I was lying down on the ground where I belonged.
The End

By Curtis

Da Compost

Da Compost
By Curtis

Anaerobic bacteria
-They Don not need air
-They work slowly
-They break wastes down into acids and other chemicals which are really smelly and which may be poisonous to plants

Aerobic Bacteria
-They need air.
-They work quickly, breaking wastes into useful plant foods.
-They multiply FAST
-They are not smelly

Fact 3: There are 2 types of bacteria one is aerobic bacteria and the other one is anaerobic bacteria.  The one that you want is aerobic bacteria

Fact 1: Composting is a natural way of changing food scraps and garden waste into nice garden soil!

Fact 2: Aerobic bacteria don’t just eat scraps they break it down into simple chemicals that plants need.  Bacteria make plant food