Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Wild Party!

The Wild Party

“Ready Steady Go!!!”
My heart was pounding with enjoyment.  I was struggling to get on the first top.  
Everyone was cheering it was really hard to concentrate.  A couple of seconds later Mrs Dearham (connors mum) said “stop”.  I counted my shirts 4, I announce feeling really proud of myself.  Then caleb counted his shirts he counted……. “5!”  Afterwards all the winners got a mentos

“It rolled on a 5!”  So close to a 6! Jame’s was still hacking into the delightful tasteful chocolate, with the knife and fork.  He was torturing the chocolate by devouring it all by himself.  They passed it round the circle.  Yay It was coming my way James rolled a...6 then Josh rolled a 6 then Jernay!!! Then It was my turn I rolled and it was a 6!!!!  I started to put on the cloths.  Then I started to hack into the chocolate.   Sadley someone rolled a 6.  But Mr Dearham (connor’s dad) said I can just grab a piece.  I had to choose out of jelly tip chocolate or top deck I choose jelly tip.

“Lollie Time!!!”
Everyone started to dig into the lollies.  Until there is a couple of lollies left.   Then Me and Jernay had a plan!  I told him we should make a fake lollie!  That sound’s like a great idea curtis he said.  Then we started to pig out on the leftover lollies.  Afterwards we put them all together and believe it or not it actually looked like a real lollie!  Then when I went up to get a drink (or when I was watching the movie).  Someone unwrapped the lollie so… I thought someone tried to eat it!.  So I asked if anyone ate the lollie.  Everyone fell quiet.  Then Connor spoke up it was me that unwrapped the lollie.

By Curtis

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