Monday, November 16, 2015

My Character Description - Term 4

My Character Description - Term 4

My Dad Byron McConaghty

Healthy that’s my dad  He has short ginger hair and he is medium height.  Plus fair skin and small build.  I think he has hazel eyes like me.  He is fit  (well if I have to tell you the truth he is fit’ish.)

FISHING!!! FISHING!!! FISHING!!!  Me and my dad LOVE fishing.  Whenever we get the chance to get out of the house then we  usually go fishing.  Sometimes he takes me out early in the morning like somewhere around 5ish.  And sometimes he takes me out on fishing trips.  He likes to often build for fun.  He works at Smith and Smith and he fixes cars windows and windscreens.

My dad is funny funnier than a clown can be.  My dad is active and he is a outdoor type.  True he is a little indoor too.  Sometimes he takes out to the park and we play rugby.  He is generous nice and kind.  Also he always says the saying we'll na , and also his other saying is sure!

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